"Front Porch Values - Backyard Friends"

Denise M. Lewis, Broker/Owner

A Message from our Broker

Let me use this opportunity to introduce our brokerage and provide insight to our mission and vision. Employing a Front Porch approach, transparency in operations, we choose to build a community of Back-Yard Friends with our clients, affiliates, local businesses and others we meet along the way.  As a first effort in transparency, I share with you our mission and vision below. I look forward to our journey.

Our Mission & Vision

Brook-Owen Real Estate provides Real Estate brokerage and home services with a fresh new approach, built on deep rooted core values. Our commitment to our agents and clients is humble, yet confident. Our level of professionalism, integrity, and success is a direct result of our ability to educate, equip, and enrich those whom we serve

Our brokerage strives to be different in a better way. Being the biggest is not always the best, we want to be innovative and pro-active to keep up with the new trends in the ever changing and evolving real estate market.

We want our family of agents and employees to join forces with Main Street and local business, to bring awareness and excitement to the area. When we pour into our community, we all reap the benefits.

We want to use our expertise and experience to educate and engage people in unique ways. We want to be the GO-TO Brokerage.

Not only are we made in Carroll County, we have been groomed and primed by Carroll County values and traditions… and we want to give back. They say it takes a village, this is no different. We are called to participate and participate we will.

Meet the team!


Susan Hall

Susan was my realtor for selling my property and buying another. She is very professional and through. She gave good recommendations of other contacts such as the title company, contractors and the home inspector. She has a good attention to detail and provides honest feedback to help you…

Susan Hall

I chose Susan Hall because I knew she was a woman of integrity. As a seller, I wanted a realtor who would work for me, and not work for a quick commission. I also wanted a realtor who could negotiate with a buyer and facilitate a fair settlement.

Heather Kinlein

Heather Kinlein was very helpful and knowledgeable about the whole home buying process. She has helped us make wise decisions about all the houses that we have reviewed. Heather was present at all of the appointments that she/we set, and when she was not available she always had…

Nick Chillson

Mr. Chillson has help me with the sale of my previous home and he negotiated me a great deal on my present home. I couldn’t have done it without his expertise! He was very patient and took the time to explain all the details of buying and selling…

Nora Drury

Nora helped me buy my very first home. I would never have been able to get through all of the paperwork without her. She kept me up to date on everything throughout the process; I don’t think a single day went by without an email or text update.

Nora Drury

… She is amazing at what she does and she made me feel very much at ease with the whole process. My wife and I loved her and will be doing business again in the near future. Nora is very knowledgeable and keeps it  100%…

Nora Drury

Nora is simply the best. She has a warm and awesome personality and is more than willing to go to bat for you and work the extra mile (or 20) to make sure you have what you want. My fiance and I were entirely new to the process…

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