What will you do to help get my home sold?

  • What services we provide to you…
    • Pre-listing & Staging Consultation: Overview & Education of the home selling process
    • Marketing Your Property: Review the key components of marketing your property for an expedient settlement at the maximum price
    • Overseeing & Managing all aspects of your transaction: Managing all showings and offers, and Skillful negotiations with excellent communication throughout
    • Ensuring compliance & Protecting your interests: Ensuring all contract timelines and requirements are met, while protecting your interests to ensure a smooth and timely settlement.


  • Marketing your property intelligently based on our experience is an asset to you. Our branding is unique which creates a high level of exposure for our clients.

  • Our office is staffed to provide prospective buyers with timely information about your property.
  • A great part of our success is personal communication.


  • Open Houses-weekend public tours
  • Broker’s Opens-Top producing agent Open Houses
  • Office Tours and more



  • Yard Signs & Riders
  • Postcards, Flyers, Mailings (Believe it or not these still work)
  • Electronic Mailings


  • Your property is immediately entered into the MLS and syndicated to hundreds of websites.
  • Your property is featured on our website and Zillow’s Premier Agent website, and Google.
  • Social Media-High traffic and interaction with public creating increased exposure of your property


What is essential in selling my home?

  • There are 4 essential aspects to getting your home sold quickly and at the highest profit…
    • PRICE: Price is the #1 most important factor in the sale of your home! Setting the proper asking price for your property is the single biggest factor in the success or failure of your home sale. We will explain the best strategies and biggest mistakes when pricing
    • MARKET: The pricing of your home must reflect the current nature of the market (recession, inflation, rates, public perception of economy, short sales & foreclosures, etc.). Location is a key influencing factor.
    • TERMS: We will explain the importance of being flexible. It is vital to appeal to the masses rather than alienating a potential pool of buyers. This is key in the marketing and negotiating process.
    • CONDITION: Pricing of your home must reflect it’s condition based on above grade square footage, general upkeep, and presentation (roof, plumbing, carpets, paint, updates & upgrades, etc.). Our agents are trained annually by an Appraiser for this specific purpose.


Just remember, that being said…Buyers determine value!

  • The value of your property is determined by what a ready, willing, and able buyer is willing to pay for it, which will be based upon the value of other recently closed sales.


What can I expect during this process?

  • The process can be overwhelming, whether you’re completely new to the game or a pro.
    • We completely get it. No worries, we’ll help you navigate the process and answer all of your questions.
  1. Meet with us to discuss your needs and complete necessary paperwork
  2. Your property will be listed and marketed promptly & strategically
  3. When an offer is received, negotiations begin
    1. Accept
    2. Reject
    3. Counter
  4. Once under contract…
    1. Inspections
    2. Appraisal
    3. Continued Negotiations
  5. …and we specialize in happy settlements


Information gathered from The Real Estate Business Institute & JustaskJosey.com