So, you’ve decided to sell…

Talk to your agent about listing price. Understand there is a difference between listing price and selling price.  Often times sellers will go online and see what neighboring homes are selling for and expect theirs should be the same.  Listing price is what sellers are asking, not what buyers are willing to pay.  Your agent will look at sold inventory as a more reliable factor to determine the price of your home.  Other factors that go into the equation are location, lot and whether or not there have been any renovations.

Use Caution in preparation

  1. Use water and vinegar for major clean up jobs as opposed to bleach.
  2. Instead of glass cleaner on mirrors, use a lint free microfiber cloth dampened with warm water and dry immediately with a second cloth.  This will prevent glass cleaner from getting between expensive mirrors and creating a black ledge aground the frames.
  3. Spread mulch thoughtfully.  More than 3 inches will kill the weeds but will also prevent water from reaching the roots of your landscaping.
  4. For slow drains,  Old-fashioned “mechanical” methods—plungers, drain snakes, or a handy $2 gadget called the Zip-It—are safer and more effective than drain cleaners and chemicals that can sometimes do more harm than good.

Stage your home

Effective staging doesn’t cost anything.  Sure, you may spend a little money up front, but if done effectively, you will get your money back at the settlement table plus! Brook-Owen Real Estate offers free staging consultation, or you can hire a professional stager to help you through the process.  It is proven your house will sell much faster when buyers can visualize themselves living there.  Staging ensures your online photos stand out above other non staged properties and may even help smaller home flaws to be overlooked.

Schedule an Open House

Talk to your agent about scheduling an open house.  Brook-Owen Real Estate offers a unique approach to opening your home up to potential buyers.