What will you do to help me find a home?

There truly are too many to list, but here are a few to give you an idea of what we can do to assist you.

  • Discuss timeline & details of buying a home: Discuss all aspects of the transaction process and address ALL questions and concerns you have. This is a big deal and we recognize that.
  • Send you listings matching your criteria: We will discuss in detail what you are looking for in a home, what price range you qualify for, and I will set up specific searches based on your criteria. This allows us instant access to new listings and current listings matching your needs.
  • Schedule and manage property showings: We will schedule property showings as promptly as possible and view homes with you. Make sure to bring a note book or someway to take note of things you like or do not like to review later.
  • Write the offer, negotiate, assist with inspections: Once you find the home that fits for you, we will write and present the offer, basing the asking price on a detailed Comparative Market Analysis or CMA. I will negotiate on your behalf as needed, and once an offer is accepted, we will schedule desired home inspections.


What will make me most successful when searching for my home?

  • There are 5 essential aspects to successfully finding your new home…
    • FINANCING: Get pre-qualified for financing from a lender before looking. 
      • It is important to know how much you can comfortably spend before you starting looking for a home. This way you can potentially lock in a lower interest rate with your Lender, and it will prevent you from falling in love with a home that you then find out you can‘t actually afford.
    • AN EXPERIENCED AGENT: Choose a Brook-Owen Agent and get started, they will use their experience and exclusive information regarding recently listed & sold properties to negotiate for you. Check out the “Agents” TAB, there are agents available and eager to assist you.
      • Many buyers are unaware of the fact that in almost every case they are not responsible for paying the agent’s fees; the agent is being paid a commission from the seller. Using an agent to purchase your home will give you a wealth of information about real estate laws and practices that you may not know about and that will protect you during your home search. Also, agents have instant access to everything available and previously available on the market, which is definitely a benefit to you.
    • RESEARCH THE MARKET: Once you have found a potential home, carefully review the CMA provided by your Agent to make sure you are not overpaying what the home is worth.
      • We will provide you with a detailed CMA for the home you are making an offer on. We will review it together as well and discuss any questions you have before making an offer.
    • UNDERSTANDING NEGOTIATION: Some have been told the best way to get a good price is to low-ball the seller, when in reality this often only upsets the seller and can affect your chance of offer acceptance.
      • Of course, we are all contentious about money, but let us help you to understand the many proper ways to negotiate a deal and still get you the lowest price.
    • EMOTIONS: It is easy to let your emotions cloud your judgement of whether you can really afford a property, and can make payments comfortably, etc.
      • Buying a home is an exciting and exhilarating process! However, be sure not to get so excited about a property that you get in over your head. Knowing your qualifying price range will probably help you to keep your emotions in check, so be sure to take this step before starting to look.


 What can I expect during this process?

The process can be overwhelming, whether you’re completely new to the game or a pro.

  • We completely get it. No worries, we’ll help you navigate the process and answer all of your questions.
  1. Meet with us to discuss your needs and complete necessary paperwork
  2. Homes meeting your criteria will be sent to you and showings will be scheduled
  3. Write an offer. It will be…
    1. Accepted
    2. Rejected
    3. Countered
  4. Once under contract…
    1. Inspections
    2. Appraisal
    3. Continued Negotiations
  5. …and we specialize in happy settlements


Information gathered from The Real Estate Business Institute & JustaskJosey.com