All Brook-Owen Real Estate agents and associate brokers are fully vetted and meet strict brokerage requirements in line with those of the National and Maryland Realtors. While each have their own special areas of expertise, all are held to the same level of integrity and professionalism. Read further to get to know the agents and associate brokers on a more personal level.

Please let me introduce myself. I am Kathryn M. Martin.

Please, call me Kathy, all my friends do.

My responsibility to you is to know my job thoroughly, and to serve you, my client, to the best of my ability. It is also my responsibility to know when to ask questions of my broker.

I believe that it’s crucial that both my broker and I be skillful and knowledgeable.

As a full time, licensed, real estate professional, I affiliated with Brook-Owen Real Estate because I could not find a more honorable company for which to work. Brook-Owen holds its agents to a high level of accountability and I find a sense of wellbeing here. So should you.

I arrived at Brook-Owen from a 30 year career in banking.

Early in my banking career, I served as a teller in The Bank of the Hamptons, New York. It was there that I learned that there are people with lives, beyond the numbers on a deposit or withdrawal slip. I loved my customers. They were like extended family. I knew their husbands, wives and children. I celebrated births and weddings, and mourned divorces and deaths with them. In 1989 I married my husband, and together, we moved to Maryland, starting our life in Ellicott City.

I found a job with Fraternity Federal Savings and Loan Association. First as a teller, then an Assistant Manager, Branch Manager, and finally I was the Training Coordinator to all the branches.

It was at Fraternity, that I was provided the opportunity to give back to my community.

Just before my first Christmas at Fraternity, I approached my manager and requested that I start an ‘Adopt a Family’ program. Permission granted! I hit the floor running, and located a family.

Mom was raising three young children in Ellicott City. Dad was not in the picture. I called Mom and explained that it was my great pleasure to inform her we were going to give her struggling family help this Christmas. Boy, did we? With the support and generosity of my colleagues and customers, and the local retail community, we donated each child with nearly everything on Santa’s wish list, a live decorated Christmas tree and boxes of pantry items. As I write this, I am reminded of how grateful I felt, when Mom opened her door that day to receive us and her gifts.

The program was expanded to all our branches and was continued for many years.

My husband and I built a home in Westminster, the heart of Carroll County, twenty-one years ago. We raised our family here, and have never looked back.

Because I have always brought abundant energy, creativity, dedication, experience and personal knowledge to my work, you can be assured that I will stay on top of all the details of a deal, providing you with a smooth and easygoing transaction.

Warm regards,


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