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The Front Porch View November 2021

The Front Porch View November 2021 ISSUE

The month of Thanksgiving.  I know that all of us can find at least one thing to be thankful for in this season.  
As many of you know my mom passed away in September, and on the heels of that, my husband Kevin contracted Covid and was in the ICU for almost four weeks.  Yep, he was in the ICU during my birthday week. We have lost some amazing clients and friends this past year.  Sometimes it feels like we can’t even come up for air, BUT If we’re honest,  I don’t think we have to dig too deep to be reminded of the many blessings. In the middle of the messes they ARE there. 
So, I am thankful my mom got to come to Carroll County and stay with us for the last four years.  I am thankful our children and grandchildren got to spend precious time with her.  I am thankful that she instilled honor, kindness, compassion and integrity in me.  You can see a glimpse of her in who I am.  I am thankful she is my mom. 
I am thankful for the healing power of God, for prayer warriors and that Kevin is HOME.   I am thankful he has maintained his attitude of gratitude and his sense of humor.  I am thankful for the doctors and nurses who cared for him as if he were family.  Many of them shared with me that he was an inspiration to them.  
I am thankful for family and friends who made sure our yard work and house maintenance was kept up… I am thankful for meals and flowers and cards and visits.  
I am thankful that our children have rallied around us once again to prove that family is so important.  I am thankful for special people who drive to NYC and turn right back around to bring our son home to surprise me for my birthday week.  
I am thankful for my family at Brook-Owen who never missed a beat to jump in and keep things running seamlessly. They never let me worry, not one single second about work and business.  They showed up just to give me hugs, they checked on me non-stop, they were my date to weddings, and most of all they knew what I needed before I needed it.   You guys ROCK and I treasure you. 
I am thankful for all of you, who allow me to share a little piece of my heart.
I am blessed. 

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Great events happening around the area. Click on the event below to learn more. Due to COVID-19 please check the venue before heading out.

Christmas in the Country BazaarNovember 5 9am-7:30 pm

Charcuterie Art ClassNovember 13 6pm $$

Great Westminster Train ShowNovember 21 10am-3pm

Miracle on Main Street Downtown Event-November 27 5pm-8pm

Don’t miss these exciting events coming up in 2021. Save the posted dates now and check back with us for specifics as the other events draw closer!

Breakfast with Santa-December 4 8am-11am $$

Santa’s Village at Days End Farm Horse Rescue-December 11 11am-3pm

The Night Before Christmas-Reading and CraftsDecember 23 4pm






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